HTML5 Tools For Web Developers

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You are getting innovate in internet world. These HTML5 tools for web developers will be very useful for you and your designing. Just take a tour of this post.



1. Adobe Edge Animate

When you need to create content and animation that can be compatible on any browser, regardless if it’s Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or others, you can use this HTML software that provides integrated tools for all-in-one-place creation.


Download Now Adobe Edge Animate




2. Adobe Edge Reflow CC

For an HTML site that presents beauty and responsiveness for both users and visitors alike, the Edge Reflow CC from Adobe helps you complete your projects with efficiency and quality.


Download Now Adobe Edge Reflow CC




3. Adobe Typekit

If you are unsure of what fonts you will use for your website, using the Typekit site, along with tools available, could provide you real-time previews that would give you a bird’s eye view of the best font that would work out for your customized page.


Download Now Adobe Edge Typekit




4. Adobe PhoneGap Build

From the idea itself, you can create and develop your website, whether you are adept with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, over the cloud and fill the gap of having it run on mobile phones and other devices as PhoneGap Build offers the latest SDKs that can launch sites over iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and webOS.


Download Now Adobe PhoneGap Build




5. Liveweave

Liveweave is a website that is dedicated for programmers, coders, and site developers that would like to have place in the internet where they could experiment and work on codes from HTML5, CSS3, or JavaScript and have it run real time for testing. Thus, a playground for the creators.


Download Now Liveweave





LimeJS is a game development site that utilizes HTML5 to make fast and easy-to-play games that are both playable via touch screen devices and desktop browsers.


Download Now LimeJS




7. Moqups

For developers that are more adaptable to creating websites via wireframes, or creating user interface via the same environment, Moqups is for the not-so-techy as it features click and drag objects for quicker site creation.


Download Now Moqups


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