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Sliders can increase the beauty of your website or blog. You can check here free resources of responsive and attractive jQuery slider plugins. Just check out.


Responsive web design is the concept of designing a website’s layout so that it adapts to the screen size of the user — making the user’s experience on your site optimal for whatever device they’re using. There are many free jQuery slider plugins that integrate well with responsive web designs — you’ll find a handful of them in this post.



1. FlexSlider



FlexSlider is a fully responsive and robustly featured responsive jQuery slider plugin. The jQuery plugin supports iOS and Android devices by providing native touchscreen commands like touch swipe navigation. It only takes 3 steps to get started with FlexSlider.



2. Liquid Slider

Liquid Slider


Liquid Slider is a responsive content slider that’s optimized for HTML5. What’s great about Liquid Slider is that you can customize your own build so that you’re only including features that you need, making it as lightweight and bloat-free as possible when you use it in your responsive web designs.



3. Refine Slide

Refine Slide


RefineSlide is a 3D transform- and CSS transition-enabled jQuery content slider plugin that can be used for transitioning your HTML elements. The plugin is fairly lightweight for what it can do — it’s only 10.7kb when minified. It also supports hardware acceleration on browsers that have the capability.



4. Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider


Nivo Slider is a free, open source jQuery slider plugin that can make your responsive web design look great. The plugin contains 16 beautiful transition effects like slicing, sliding, fading, and folding. It supports keyboard navigation, HTML captions, and pre-built themes — and all these features at only 15kb. The Nivo Slider WordPress plugin (which isn’t free) allows you to easily integrate the Nivo Slider plugin into your WordPress site.



5. bxSlider



bxSlider is an excellent jQuery plugin for sliding your responsive content — your slides can be images, videos, and any other HTML element. It has many configuration options so that you can truly customize your content sliders exactly the way you want them.

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