Most Famous Black Magic Experts Of All Times

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You are going to see the list of top magicians and illusionists. You can also see the videos of their best performances. I was amazed to see that so you will. Just go for a big entertainment today.


David Copperfield

David Copperfield earned popularity from outstanding writing, producing, directing, illusions, and magic. Copperfield is top in the list and most honorable magician all the times. He is the first magician, illusionist or black magic expert who has 11 Guinness World Records.





Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini is an oldest black magic performer all the times. He has done his performances publically in 1890s that were truly outstanding. He died in 1962 in the age of 52 years. He has full command in his work as no one can think to chase his perfection.  He was commonly known as film producer, stunt performer and escapology specialist. His famous stunts were buried alive, overboard box escape, suspended straitjacket escape, Chinese water torture cell escape, milk can escape and mirror handcuff challenge.





David Blaine

David is 3rd who is best in our list. He is an American guy. He started getting fame from street magic there he done the live buried magic like Harry Houdini. And the most famous of his magic where no one can reach to his perfection is  “Frozen in Time”.





Criss Angel

Cris Angel is at No. 4 magician. He is 42 years old man. This magic superstar known as best stunt performer. He is also recognized as music, hypnotic, magic and illusions. He is also specialist of escapology. He also won the title of “Magician of the Year”. Most famous programs also called him as a star guest like “Larry King Live”, “WWE RAW” and even “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.





Lance Burton

Lance Burton was the king of magicians of his time. He belongs to Columbia where he born in 1960. He has got fame in a short time. He also honored in many TV programs. He also performed for Royal family like President Ronald Regan and as well as Queen Elizabeth.





Doug Henning

Doug Henning’s real name was Douglas James Henning, He was reputed in many fields like he was the top politician, escape artist, magician, illusionist. His awesome escape stunts are liked equally now a days. He was died by the liver cancer.





Mac King

Mac King was born in 1959. He was actually a comedy magician across the nation and globe. He was also specialist of stunting and his fans are still love his work. The Mac King Comedy Magic Show is awesome magic stunt show that is watched globally on television.





Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller is a basically team of magic performers. They perform both in every program. They had got worldwide fame in a short time. This is a brilliant pair of magicians which is unforgettable.





Hans Kolk

Hans Kolk belongs to Holland and he was a famous Dutch actor. He was born in 1969. He is a specialist of disappearing the things in which his best performance was disappearing Football World Cup Trophy in 2006.





Franz Harary

Franz Harary is an American magician. He is a creative person and he used his creativity to invent the new magic tricks such as vanishing from the space shuttle as well as from the London bridge.




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