11 Richest Female Singers Of All Time

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Do you want to see which one of your female singer is more rich than most of men. Just check out this post which will be a definite surprise for you.



1. Madonna

She is the richest female singer of the world till now. According to the information got about the last year 2012, she is the riches one she holds now a greater amount of wealth as compared to her other members. She belongs to the united states of the America. She has a wealth of 1.1 billion dollars. Her hit track that is still on lips of her fans is Like a Virgin. She is now 52 years old.

Age                                                                                            53 Year

Net Worth                                                                                                          $1.1 Billion
Country                                                                                                                   America
Hit Track                                                                                                         “like a virgin”




2. Mariah Carrey

She is a 42 year old beautiful singer. She is the second the richest female singer of the world according to the ranking of 2013. She holds a wealth of 750 million dollars till now. She also belongs to the United State of the America. Her more than 200 million records have been sold out yet. She is not only a singer but she is also a song and lyric writer.

Age                                                                                              42Yrs

Net Worth                                                                                                        $750 Million
Country                                                                                                                   America
Hit Track                                                                     “ Memoirs of an imperfect Angel ”




3.Barbra Streisan

The winner of 15 awards by now, Barbra Streisand is one of those blessed singers who have had won the black lady-the Oscars. She is known for her production, direction and of course for her exceptional singing. Even at this age, the lady has maintained her long lasting charm.

 Age                                                                                                                           70Yrs
Net Worth                                                                                                            $650Million
Country                                                                                                                    America
Hit Track                                                                                                  “Love is the answer”




4. Celine Dion

 She is a charming lady of Canada. She is now 44 years old and at her career’s peak. She has a wealth of the 600 million dollars. She is the 4th the richest lady of the world now.






5.Britney Spears

Britney is a 30 years old American singer. She is the world 5th the richest lady singer in 2013. She has a wealth of 500 million dollars. She is young but her name is waving across the globe. She is earning a lot both the fame and the money also. She is a multi talented female artist. She is also an actress. She is a versatile artist.





6.Cher Llyod

Cher is a famous singer of the America. She is now 65 years old but she is still ruling the world of the music. Her records are still being sold. She is the 6th the richest female singer of the world according to the earning in 2012. Now in 2013 she is the 6th richest female singer. Her wealth is of 450 million dollars. She is a multi talented woman. She is producer, director and actress as well as a perfect singer.





7.Ayumi Hamasaki

She is a young lady of 33 years. She belongs to the eastern country of the Japan. She is the 7th the richest lady of the world in 2013. She is the most famous singer in the Japan. Her records are being sold overall the world. Her wealth was estimated about of 400 million dollars.






Beyonce is a young girl of the united states of the America. She is 30 years old. And this little age she is among the top ten millionaire singers of the world. Her total wealth is 390 million dollars. And with this wealth she is at the 8th number in the list of the world the richest female singers.




9. Jannet Jackson

Jannet is an American singer. She is now 45 years and world’s 9th the richest female singer. Her wealth is 360 million dollars.





10.Tina Turner

Tina Turner is a 72 years old American singer. She is the world’s 12th the richest female singer. She is although 70 plus but her talent is still young and active. Her wealth is 350 million dollars.






11. Jennifer Lopez

The Latina performer may be the most powerful entertainer on the planet. She raked in an estimated $330 million last year with projects in almost every corner of the industry. She has successful fragrance and clothing lines, several lucrative endorsements and a revived film and television career. Through her company Nuyorican Productions, she produced and starred in the Latin singing competition show “Q’Viva” for Fox and is developing an hour-long drama for ABC Family. 



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