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Internet is trying its best to change the web trends towards blog industry and in my vision blogging will become most powerful media than T.V channels so if you have just launched your blog or planning to land on this planet then this article is for you so let’s start it.

I am going to conclude this article in very short, tight and straight talk for what you should have to know before starting a blog If you really want to earn money.


Right Selection of CMS (Content Management System).
Voila! First shark is here to byte. What you choose for your blog will decide your future because there are no “Undo’z” in this real game. Normally you will be in 3 types of choices…

 blogspot, like blogging plateforms where you can start it online after completing your registration. I am not in favor of this although I know they are giants in their domains but you will not get full admin power as you can get in  joomla, wordpress or in drupal.

wordpress, power full CMS with friendly search engine urls (biggest option to vote for it). You will get custom modules for your requirements on blog.

Joomla, Most powerfull CMS which will give you everything you can imagine. Biggest developers community worldwide which makes sure you will get low cost / free modules, components, plugins and templates for your blog. No doubt joomla is final solution as you are reading this article in joomla powered with K2. I will strongly recommend you to go for it. If you know wordpress then its same like joomla but not in all manners.

Version choice can be more critical part while selecting blog platform. Simply you should analyze 1000 times before downloading latest versions as these always come without community support and lack of apps.


Hmmm Structures…assume you are final with wordpress or joomla. There are tons of templates available to start this mess so go for least clean and professional website template even if you need to invest some 50$..its not a big deal. Here is a list which I used personally many times for my clients.


These websites also offer many free quality templates. You can download if something is near your brain. Don’t go to they don’t want to give customer support to clients and also be aware of this template provider is well-known to supply vulnerable template.

Blog Component.

Here you are…no need to be worried if you are using wordpress as this is a CMS built for bloggers. If you are on joomla then definitely K2 is the only lonely choice with tons of plugins and modules. Download it from here. I am a fan of it although at advance level k2 has some back draws like sef (Search Engine Friendly Urls) is not a piece of cake to be set. You will have to face some technical glitches around this subject. K2 Comment system is not strong enough to provide you full control over your audience. You will need to install 3rd party comment systems like disqus and sp comments which have more options like email notifications and anti spamming with social sharing logins.

SEO for your blog.

Most horrible stage comes when you start SEO for your blog. I can’t say too much because it needs months writing for SEO techniques. In short you can’t become a blogger if you don’t know about SEO. I will give you technical hints supposing you are a professional one.



Some must to do SEO Techniques (Unsorted List).

Work with keywords and meta tags inside of your website (Simple yet biggest).

Use google adwords for keyword analysis.

Webmaster Tools (Must to do)

Google Analytics (No way without it)

Posting articles on other blogs (Quality Content back linking)

Commenting on other blogs and your niche market (This will help you to build links)

Search Engine Submissions

Affiliate Market.
Wow…you are gonna rich here…Anyways try to drag best affiliates from market towards your blog and this will be possible only when you will get good amount of traffic and to get traffic always remember : For traffic, your content is everything and for affiliates your content is everything and for you…your content is everything so forget about to published low quality content otherwise you are going to shut down your blog in next 3 or maximum 6 months as it will become nerve wrecking for you to watch analytics daily as an empty glass of water. I strongly suggest new bloggers to forget about earn money before they will get good traffic. Don’t go for it and focus on your blog remembering if you will get meat you will see vulchers flying over your head so don’t worry about traffic or affiliates they will join you automatically when you will rise.


If you are reading me after that stage then here is the list of some reputed affiliates which will show you the path towards success.



1. Amazon Associate– Amazon is the largest marketplace for online shopping and if you want to make money by selling or promoting products, Amazon affiliate program can help you to make thousands of dollars per month. Amazon pays very high commission on each sale and you don’t need to work hard to sell any kind of Amazon product because people love to buy Amazon products. You can find every kind of product related to electronic, books, software, clothes etc on Amazon. Payments are made via Check and bank transfer.

2. Clickbank – Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate networks where you can find more than ten thousand merchants and 100000 affiliates. Clickbanks has thousands of affiliate programs and if you promote them, you can earn more than thousand dollars per month by working just 2-3 hours per day.

3. Commission Junction – CJ ( Commission Junction ) is another great affiliate network where you can find thousands of targeted products. CJ offers pay per lead and pay per sale affiliate programs to web publishers. Payments are made via check and direct bank transfer. Minimum payout of CJ is $50.

4. Google Affiliate– Great service from Google. Although you won’t see thousands of products here like clickbank and amazon but it has some great programs that pay very high rate on each sale. Payments are made via Adsense account.

5. Shareasale– Shareasale is one of the most popular ad networks which has more than 3000 advertisers. You can find every kind of program. Shareasale offers pay per sale, pay per lead and pay per click affiliate program that can help site owners monetizing their website with highly targeted advertisers. Payments are made via Check and direct bank transfer.

6. Linkshare– Linkshare has over than thousand top merchants that pays very high commission. You can find here CPL and CPS products. You can also join here Apple’s iTunes affiliate program to sell iPhone , iPad and Mac apps. Payments are made via Check and direct deposit. Minimum payout is only $1.

7. Cpalead – Leading affiliate network where publishers can find hundreds of pay per lead products. Website owners can offer free toolbar, ebook , software etc by using this affiliate network.

8. Plimus– Great affiliate network where you can find sponsored software, application , antivirus and other kinds of digital products. If you have a website based on technology, you can monetize your website by using Plimus affiliated products.

9. Clickbooth– Clickbooth is one of the best places to find highly targeted affiliate programs. You can find here hundreds of pay per lead programs to monetize your blog or website. Clickbooth offers two different services for website owners which are – affiliate network and cpc ad network.

10. Viglink– If you have a blog or website and you love to write reviews on software, ebay products, amazon products , gadget etc, you can earn thousands of dollars by using Viglink. Viglink monetizes your simple links into affiliate links. There is no minimum payout and payment can be received via PayPal.


If you love advices:

Quality Content is king…Don’t give-up writing quality content. You write truth, Traffic runs towards you but definitely it takes time to be discovered.

Posting your content is the secret that only you know about yourself. Sometimes it should be an article daily and in some conditions it should be 2 or 3 articles a weak it just depends on how you want to grow your repute on internet cloud.

Don‘t use black hat techniques like spamming, duplicate content writing (at some initial stage you can take advantage of it with manners)

Your blog’s feel, layout, heading styles, text formatting, colors, graphics, item styling…everything is like breath you can’t afford to miss even one of it.

And finally it’s not a child’s play. Start it bravely after burning your boats and deciding that you will never give-up or quit will guarantee you to get hits, hits and more hits……


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