Rotten Realities: Why Your New Blog Will Fail [Revealing Blog Failure Myths]

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reasons why your blog is failing


You should read this post if you are going to launch your new blog or even if you are thinking about it. There are some big myths you need to understand and acknowledge before your blog will go on air. Yes I know you just want me to shoot the point…Alright here we go.

I hope you will stick with the post I will go deeper as you will scroll it down. Links in this post are really very useful and have knowledge base authentication don’t ignore them definitely I need to build some links for my post like everyone but they are truly for your help and to make this case study more deep and powerful.

1. Blogging is not free

Very old but still the biggest myth of blogging. Do you really know how much this project will cost you and your family? Let me give you some hints.

1. Web hosting service is not free at all
2. You need a laptop
3. An internet connection (Unlimited)
4. Electricity Bill
5. Mail chimp and Awber service charges
6. It will not possible to get sufficient income for you and your family at least one year. Are you ready for this?


2. Don’t expect traffic waves

Usually you will wondering How to get 1000 daily traffic for your blog until at least 6 months. (It will remain under 500 if you are not a super geek). There are lots of reasons like quality content production is a mountain. Social media engagement normally takes up to one year before recognizing you as an authenticated source of knowledge or an owner of a reputable blog. Organic traffic is another myth which every mediocre blogger is already fighting for and Google is tightening its SEO rules. We see new algorithms almost every week. Now gaming with search engines is not easy as it was in before 2013. Don’t expect flood of traffic a hell of competition is waiting for you.

3. Do you think you will create massive and quality content for one year?

Yes I know you can do this and you also know that lots of efforts will involve in this process but, Really do you know how to generate massive content for your blog every day? Think again usually you are a regular reader of Mashable, Problogger, Huffington Post, Life Hacker, Technorati and Techcruch like giants. Perhaps unconsciously you are dreaming about competing these elephants. Alright if you still insist that creating quality content in massive quantity without a professionally experienced team of bloggers is possible let me show you real face of genuine content…

There are 3 types of content rolling out over the internet right now. You just need to take a look on this stuff. First checkout the most inn content which is called Spam:) hands up your browser and shoot some sites:


Laugh and Fiddle
Zem Tv    

These bloggers are trying to play old games with smart search engines and will surely die soon. They scrap interesting, shocking and wired content from all over the internet and try to get some blind traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and other social media.


Their second target is always to occupy some keywords (Obviously they know how to find low completion and high paying keywords🙂 to get listed in Google index with low quality content just for the sake of some illiterate traffic hits which never cares to comment or share their content. Their final destination is to get some suitable place in penguin / panda graveyards.

Now we will see mediocre class of content and bloggers.

Happily at first you are welcome at blog of the world 🙂 we are trying hard to make our place with useful and helpful content. Meet our fellows:  


And many others are trying to improve their content quality. Content especially created to help audience and solving their problems. There is a whole world literally trying to make their appearance on internet and dying to get the attention of press. There is only one way and it is of course writing unique, quality content rapidly more and more before you go mad:)


Anyways there are some genius guys also leading this generation and Hongkiat Lim ( is for sure on the top of this list. He is collecting quality content from (I don’t know where) and publishing it so rapidly that he has become a successful blogger in this kind of blogs which is no doubt very tough to achieve. Maybe one reason of his success along with other efforts is that he is working constantly from 2006.

And now about those men who got it finally.

Yes at the top level we see blogging success stories spreading everywhere. This is third and last enlightened stage of content quality where you win and this is equal to almost making a new country:) They got a chance to build teams, they write killer content, their articles get hell of hits and social media sharing, they ranked highest in Google…The whole world is with them.


Seo Moz
And list goes on…There is no end.

Here I would love to mention an alien, Glen from Viperchill a totally different guy from all of them. He is famous to write most long and most powerful posts that many of us can’t even afford to read in full length sometimes :0 Anyways he is a real guy in this big commercial game of money.

Coming back to you!
Earning money from Adsense is not a child’s play

I laugh when people say about how easy is to make a blog, posting some copied articles, apply for Adsense account and start making dollars raining over your head like a silly’s charm. Earning money from Adsense is same hard as earning in physical world. Google is not fool who is just waiting for you to hand over his hard earned cash in your pocket without taking any benefit from you. Simply what Big G wants is advertisers satisfaction because they are actually going to pay you through Google.


If people which you are referring to them will buy their products they will be happy and Google will also happy and this happiness will bring richness in your life. Indexes are full of search terms like how to earn money with Adsense. Dig some genuine stuff and you will see how tough it is in reality.    

And yes one last thing that after getting slapped from Adsense people normally rush towards cheap alternatives such as chiticka, Clicksor and madadsmedia which become final shot in the head and bang! No one can pay more than Adsense in their niche not even nearby. If you are still feeling thirsty check out my mega post on Adsense here: What is click bombing on Adsense (You will get almost all answers of your Adsense fever in this post)

Affiliate Marketing can be an illusion of water in desert for you

Thinking that you will get sales from,,, is good for your brain as it looks like a solution of financial problems but it’s not your reality…

Yes, to get sales you need a hell of marketing skills, brain sharpness excellence, Need to know how to build huge social media community followers and lovers, Thousands of daily organic visitors are also required to boost your affiliate business growth. Overall to be successful in affiliate marketing the biggest required skill which many professional bloggers often ignore in their posts is called “Experience” which you will only gain after spending time in blogging world and I think it will be up to one year.

Still not afraid? Good, but I have some more horror movies for you:)

What about your technical side?
Ask yourself these simple questions and decide yourself.


Are you a geek from one of these tools WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?
Do you know lot of PHP, CSS bla bla?
Are you from one of famous SEO experts in your radius?
A really good cactus like web designer? (just in case You will have to change your design every month:)
Do you have a commenter’s backbone? (You will need it while posting thousands of valued comments in thousands of blogs)
Can you stare at screen the whole night?
Can you see yourself counting a penny a day in dry out times of your Adsense?
Can you see watching analytics with 100 to 500 traffic every day, the whole year?

If all answers are in yes then you should start your blog because you are the most suitable person for this big challenge but before deciding your blog’s launching date you should ask yourself a final question.


Let me tell you this final question is very technically, emotionally and sharply crafted only for you.

Will you manly face and accept failure of your blog after one year and will start monetize it in a real way from scratch?

If yes then congrats you will get what you want. Actually I am also very happy that you are reading these lines because only a real blogger can digest this kinda thick and stressful stuff. Don’t delay your blog and make your own world there…where you will rock!

I am just suppose to help and enlightened new comers to save them distracting by wrong blog practices, cheap advertising crocodiles, 3rd class affiliate networks, Risky traffic exchange systems conflicting with Adsense TOS. They all are responsible and a big part for the failure of blogger’s majority be aware and stay away of these communities.

I hope It helped you a lot.

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