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Guest blogging is not easy as many bloggers think it is. You should change traditional perspective of guest blogging before knocking other bloggers. Without going into intense debate of actually what is guest blogging I would start from where you were expecting it landing on this post.


We will discuss some serious misconceptions of guest blogging perspective. Keep in mind that following these old trendy concepts without knowing what is going on inside can destroy your blog or writing career so fast stingy heart don’t watered.


After starting your blog, building your content and getting some good traffic, the first thing comes in every blogger’s mind is how and where to start guest blogging? And you find yourself in a trap!

Are you feeling guest blogging Madness?

Here we are on the most discussed and phenomenal stage for struggling bloggers. To get massive, fresh, juicy and unique content which kills everyone, all bloggers forced by nature to play guest blogging game. There are some simple yet (complicated) do’s and don’ts of the game you have to follow.


2 ways and one right direction!

choosing the right direction

The First Way is to attract genuine and talented guest bloggers towards your blog. I can’t tell you how hard it is to convince a blogger clicking on your “write for us” link. It’s like winning with the whole world.


Before getting into this brawl you need to see if blog is fueled with enough quality content and you are getting lots of traffic, comments and shares. It is quite possible that if you are getting up to 3K damn organic you will probably start getting emails from other bloggers willing to write a guest post for your blog.

This is another point how much you are involved with blogosphere’s RSS devil and commenter’s community to letting them know you in a way you want. In my opinion this is most straight and fearless way which leads towards unleashed success if you can survive your blog with other feeding sources. In fact if you are a business person before blogger then it should be an easy task for you to feeding the demon for a long run.   

The Second Way is to get out of your blog for some time and start the game as guest blogger. Again when you knock them to write a post everyone will see your previous content history and quality. Do you have it? If you don’t, then go and start building your content like I am building it right now because if they will let you join them it will not make any difference to your blog.

Surely you will get some exposure and hits but for what? For nothing??? you have nothing to engage that fresh coming traffic wave on your blog. Doing guest blogging without building heavy content at your own blog can be suitable only for writers but truly not for professional bloggers.

Check out this guy Jawad (writing my destiny) he is writing for problogger, hongkiat like giants and no doubt he writes in a lovely style but when you land on his own blog to see something more about him…BANG!!!


No time for blog design, just 2 or 3 comments for any post, no engagement signs of social media and even he has no time to approve comments the next day. May be this is because he is a writer and getting enough money from his clients to creating paid content. Your blog is the nucleus of guest blogging and you need to make it like a nucleus.


How to get high approach.

Honestly speaking this is most controversial part of blogging and sadly most bloggers die here like a bird in snow trying to get attention of top bloggers and making them friends! smiley face


Almost half of the bloggers community says that content is king but it doesn’t meant to be a real king:) to get your content discovered by the world you need to plug your blog with social media power centers and the top bloggers have already occupied or build these power centers. To read your content first they need to know who you are…  


After knowing you, they will see your content and if they got inspired from your masterpieces, they will share it somewhere on their super social network and you will get instant life in your failing blog.


Let me tell you straight I am not the one from this half of bloggers community although I read, like and follow top bloggers by commenting and sharing their stuff as they deserve it like everyone. I believe on the benefits and importance of guest blogging. I also want my exposure and hate to cut off myself from the world by believing some sort of my own crafted doctrines and philosophies.


My passion is to market myself through my content on my blog first as I know how dirty it can be when you bow and accept third degree terms of slavery from a top blogger (definitely not all) when it comes to help you standing out from this struggling bloggers crowd.


May be this is because I am earning money from my already running well business of web designing and search engine optimization. I can feed my blog for a long run till then I will get discovered. BTW truly I damn care if I will not smiley face its enough to make me happy watching my analytic up to 1K. Blogging is of course my passion and destination but I will never allow this demon to eat my precious Self Respect.


I am sorry if it sounds hard but posting my content on other blogs by doing guest blogging feels more worse than prostitution. Yes it feels worse when I think to write my words for someone just for the sake of traffic and exposure. How did they get their fame? From where they get traffic? It’s you and me who make them star reading their content and posting comments on their blogs. We can do it better for ourself.


After getting some good and loyal traffic this is no issue if you write for others as a professional writer and a corporate blogger saving your destiny from vultures. The world is not enough!     


How top bloggers can make you fool?

I have something very interesting to show you. There is a corporate and famous writer named John Morrow often appear on problogger, lifehacker, copyblogger and many more. He recently wrote a post on : Why I Quit Blogging (and What to Do If You’re Struggling) which was a shock for me. He is trying to tell people that content will not help them if they will not known by any of top bloggers. I will not tell you what he is trying to achieve (hunting struggling bloggers) oops I didn’t tell you this smiley face.


He made a weird statement while he was in writing flow.

Every day, popular bloggers wake up with tens of thousands of readers hungry for something insightful, fresh, and amazing, and they have to keep them supplied. Privately, we call it “Feeding the content beast.”

I felt like an idiot reading these lines realizing I am the content beast. This always feel stingy when you know what top bloggers thinks of their readers (Not all definitely). If you have read this post before reading my article I request you to have a look at it again and see what I am talking about and what a powerful underworld working mechanism you can see working behind that post.
No surprise that article is going up to 2,000 comments. Rocking shit!!! I am feeling green.


Sadly and truly it’s you and only you who can make this most hard decision of your blogging life about where to go. John is not lying, he is just a two faced guru. I am also not lying but I am just struggling blogger who is try to learn how to wear a mask.

It’s all about what you want. Go straight with your blog if you are a ME. Make your connections first if you are not a ME. Simple like water.


Don’t waste your time on forums

If we look deeply inside of writer’s market we find there are some so called rich sources to connect them. Many bloggers don’t realize that these sources can connect you with writers but can’t guarantee you success or quality.


Like digital and warrior forums!!! You will find yourself messing with rats rather than writers. These rats offer you to write “genuine content” duh, some sort of spin content passed from copyscape. I don’t want to discussed much about them as I am suppose to write this post for professional bloggers who don’t live day dreaming.

I was thinking the same way at some stage of my blogging life and paid some rats to write “Genuine Content” for my blog. You can have a look: Things not to do on facebook. Content was passed from copyscap and no need to tell you that was not killer in fact it was not suppose to be killer content because no one will ever right killer content for your blog while you are not doing it yourself.


I hope you have enjoyed your time and yeah I will love your comments and thoughts.


Enough internet for today.


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