How To Collect Data From Your Website Clients In One Shot

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collect data from your web clients
Getting data from your website clients can become most hard span of your project timeline every time after you get approval for a website. In this post I will show you a professional and killer strategy to guide your website customers about how they can organize and collect business data and information for their upcoming website and how they should send it to you in a real understandable way.

At the moment I really don’t have much time to write something on content management benefits because I am facing a massive workload these days although I want to write more for you but…:).


Okay we have a new website client who want us to design his website. After getting template design approval, we want to guide our customer how to send exact data for his website to get his project done in given timeline.


I will show you how we get instant data and quick information from our clients inside of their business core without alienating into their business reports and other stuff they might not want us to know.


No problem if you can see company name . They are Millennium Rent A Car doing some sort of very good business of renting out limousines and other luxurious vehicles. You can check it out to see this template in action after 15 days of this post’s publishing date. 


To get fast and error proof data in one single shot we need to make data structure (Prototype) for them. we will create a nest of guided folders including text files in each of those folders to pass instructions to client telling him how to fill all these folders with his data and send this back to us without getting afraid of its complexity. This strategy will motivate your website clients to send exact information for their website which you are looking for through Emails. Here we go… I will start it from displaying proposed design template first.

millenium rent a car design


This template is final and now I am suppose to send some folders towards my client to for getting his website information. For that I have created a folder named “data for rent a car website”. Inside of this folder I made 3 folders like this.

first three folders 

No need to say in first “Logo” folder I want him to paste his logo. Next folder is about getting information for “home page design” as you can see in above template screen shot. There are 4 main design elements:


1. top banner of with 4 pictures

2. slide show at the middle left side of page

3. special offers

4. VIP offers at middle right side of the page right after the middle slide show


To get data for these elements I created 4 new folders inside of “home page design folder”.

second level of folders

Now take a closer look on design template screen shot again. You will see there are 4 images of top banner including heading, small description and a read more button on each of the banner. This means every banner is linked to a full page of information.


I simply want my client to give me details of all these 4 banners including headings, small descriptions and a page at least with the length size of a word page document.


Obviously I can’t write this stuff myself because this is none of my business so again I had to create 4 new folders in “top banners with 4 pictures” like this

third level of folders

Now finally I just need to tell my client that how he should insert information in these folders. He will see 2 files waiting for him right after he will open first folder “fast & safe”. Check this out.

final image shot

That’s all…I hope you got my point. You can see a full address bar location telling my client exactly where he is surfing. Simply in each of the folder there should be two files. First one is obviously a folder if you need some images from client and second one should be a text or word file with a comprehensive name to give your client more understanding of what exactly you want in that particular file.


Another factor which is definitely not ignore able is that you can talk to your client in that text or word document like you can see I am telling my client to insert heading, small description and a full page description for that specific banner.


And the story goes on… All you need to do is first creating folders following your clients template design elements then creating folders nest of menus and sub menus accordingly.


This strategy will boost your website clients motivation to manage their content for their website and most of the all it will help you to complete your project with super lightning speed and professional style of work.


Don’t get afraid from the folders nest complexity and density it will take maximum 1 or 2 hours if you do it with full concentration but will save many many days of your life sending emails and waiting for client replies to get data or rearranging it every time because your client is not a web developer.


He doesn’t know how hard it is to be a web developer . He is your customer who will for sure gonna love your professional working attitude when he will see you are using such professional techniques to help him in the process of his web design completion.


He will be…yours truly. 


What is your data collection experience from your clients? How you manage it?

Share it, I will love to hear you!


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