What Is Click Bombing On Adsense?

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All details you need to know about What is click bombing on adsense?. Hidden facts about click bombing on adsense accounts who do this and why!

In this post you will get detailed surgical analysis on adsense click bombing and invalid clicks as we can see majority of publishers suffering and looking for cure but unfortunately you can’t find useful information when you “google” it.
This is the biggest reason why I am writing this post because when I got this trouble just like a common publisher I ran into hell of search on google about how to prevent your adsense account to get banned after click bomb or what if I am getting lot’s of invalid clicks but every author is talking about typical ways and useless techniques to get secured or you get lot of victim stories on forums and comments although I have got some important information too but still that info was not enough to make me feel like wow I got it.


After burning ton’s of my time I have gathered this information which will guide you towards solution of all this mess. I suggest you to read it without music:)

So first of all you need to understand what is click bombing and invalid clicks.


What is adsense click bombing definition?

AdSense click bombing is the malicious practice of generating high volume of clicks on AdSense ads on a competitor’s or opponent’s website or from bots and agents to obtain his banishment from Google AdSense program. The victim is then banned and his account closed due to invalid clicks.



I will discuss adsense click bombing here because this is the actual and real sin which we are facing off. If you are crying for invalid clicks then Don’t bang your head to walls just read deeply what google is saying about invalid clicks:

“Invalid clicks are clicks for which we decide not to charge our AdWords advertisers, since they may artificially drive up advertiser cost or publisher revenue. These include extraneous clicks without any value to the advertiser, such as the second click of a double-click. They also include many other types of clicks that we’ve determined aren’t motivated by genuine user interest”

And always keep these rules in your mind:

  • A publisher clicking on his own ads, or encouraging clicks on his ads
  • Users or family members clicking to support the site / publisher
  • Third-party programs with user incentives, such as paid-to-click services & click-exchanges
  • Automated clicking tools, robots, or other deceptive software

The same principles above apply to ad impressions and conversions as well. Some sources of invalid impressions include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive page refreshes, generated either manually or automatically
  • Third-party programs with user incentives, such as paid-to-surf or auto-surf programs
  • Third-party programs for purchasing fixed amounts of traffic, e.g. “$10 for 1,000 page views”

Thats all about invalid clicks as google will take care of all other issues but you also need to make it a routine to watch your web log files to trace IP’s and monitor your analytics don’t tell me you don’t know how to obtain your weblogz and what is analytics. You definitely know these things if you are blogging right?


Back to the point, Click Bombing.

Now you are going to get the whole point which will enlightened you to know click bombing and the most important you will know from inside of yourself how to prevent this kind of attacks on your site / blog. Here I am going to reveal a different perspective in front of your screen.


Who can click bomb you?

Before and after getting click bombed this is the first question rise in mind and you get answers something like this which can be true in some cases but not a final and true aspect. This is what the whole internet is talking about!

Most incidents fall into one of two categories. First and foremost, rival blogs and websites sometimes click bomb rivals to force the closure of the target’s Adsense account. Secondly, click bombing can be considered a form of random cyber vandalism, senselessly committed without concern for the attacked party.

All of this starts from here.

Whenever people starts new blog they have one aim commonly behind this struggle that they are trying to settle in market to get some money. After working on blog and publishing posts everyone looks to get involve with affiliates and no doubt big G is the first name of trust but the fact is you are new bird and google will not handover his valuable advertisers in your inexperienced hands. They will ask you to make your blog or website more mature and stable with traffic quantity and post quality both so they can work with you.

And here you meet actual third power…

The Vultures!

Ya vultures around you as you decided to earn some money from the internet and they are here flying on your head. You know them, I know them let me say all of us know them very well but may be its a taboo which no one wana talk about or maybe its like authors are afraid to reveal it…Well I don’t know exactly but the fact is what I understand finally was also shocking for me and I have enough courage to write it down here.

After getting this knockdown from google, People usually rushed towards cheap publishing solutions who hug them warmly and shows them that this is no matter if they are new, If they don’t have traffic, If they don’t have enough content or even if they are content scrappers they can work with out any problem and people think they can earn money like this…Amazing!

You get ads immediately and start serving them on your blog / website. They bomb your website with low quality, Irrelevant ads, Pop Up’s and under’s, Interracial pages on clicks, Page refresh, Page exiting, Loading new pages and in some cases even clicking on any link on your website they pop’s up their advertisement and leads your already lower traffic into a hell where your audience never returns back to your site.

You run back and they come after you.

Everyone is wise to see reality and when people see facts and disadvantages of these cheap affiliates they try to escape removing ads its quit natural but almost all of us don’t even bother to delete our accounts from their sites although I know it does not make any difference as they have your IP’s and domain names in their records but at least we should try to make our self secure as much as we can.

Anyways after all time pass away and you get your adsense account from anyhow due to domain age or some kind of rental adsene accounts or you become lucky to increase your website traffic. This is a truth that if you have a cactus like personality which in my opinion is best suitable to survive in internet desert:) you will get adsense account once in your web’s life.

After getting adsense you have to follow their rules and policies which are fair and clean. They simply want you to work with well reputed affiliates if you add other third party advertisers in your site while working with google. (Read google’s term and policies…those are not formal documents). Let me talk naked now…If you are working with Clicksor like affiliates then you are gonna banned yourself so normally people decide to work with google adsense only and stop serving other ads.

And they get click bomb…BANG!

These advertisers are not suppose to forgive you or let you go insulting them in a way you do:) don’t get panic this is just one side of this coin I am not saying that only and only they click bomb you but can you tell me if they don’t fit in this scene then who the hell is doing this? I am not telling you that all of these sites are your enemy or chasing your adsense account to bombed as we all know that there are also very well reputed affiliates also exist like Amazon, Peerfly etc but this is a fact which no one is trying to consider.

You think that’s all…No way:)

You ever heard or worked about 2leep, Avalanchers, Mgid, 2kurl ??? If yes then I believe you have got my point you kill them after starting with adsens as google don’t want you to get involved with any kind of traffic exchange programs whatever you call their widgets and galleries. They are also sitting on the same tree waiting for you:) because once upon a time you were very excited to put their widgets on your site and after getting easy approval of your post to their sites you were screaming with joy watching your traffic rising every minute in your analytic s and now you are trying to behave like you don’t know them at all removing their widgets because google has adopted you:) you got my point:)

remember Url Shorten services providers like Adfly? who pays too much low I don’t know why people intend to use this pathetic service while they know adfly is not gonna give them even near to buy some gas for the car and some people also don’t even bother to think that how much this can be annoying for their loyal traffic. 

What I think?

In my vision its not in every case that these sites attack and I am also not blaming them. I am trying to tell you that what the hell is with these click bombers, Where they come and what they want from us. Look they can not steal adsense account money alright? They can not defeat google yeah..so what they want? These are the vultures who simply looking for their food they need their users / publishers to work with them they don’t afford to work like a hatchery where newbies learn to work with affiliates and fly with google letting them alone. Let me say that this is a preplanned job to click bombed adsense accounts to hurt google, Advertisers and publishers so that they look back to them and ask them oh I got banned can I work with you.

Did you ever noticed they pay so low that you can not even pay your hosting bills LOL. They know very well that google pays the highest amounts as a pay per click so these companies simply work on adsense bombing like a normal SEO job to get people banned more and more so that advertisers and publisher will forced to work with them after getting no way out being banned from google an they always focus to maintain a vacuum for them to live.

These companies can bombed to previous account holders or this is also quit possible that they work regular to find out new or even old age adsense accounts to click bomb and for this purpose there are many methods like stealing your codes or getting your ip in bot lists to bomb again and again even you stop serving ads for long time and as soon as you open it up they hang you immediate because they have your adsense code.

It always happens from U.S.A, Russia and germany:) why?

While Ghana and other African countries are famous for hacking and online credit card stealing but in this case we see almost zero percent attempts happen from this region. U.S.A is at top of this 3’s list isn’t this because most of the affiliate, PPC and all other networks exist there? They use Agents, Bots, Iframes and lot of other methods to get you out of this game.

What to do? Solution!

Now the question is how you can save your web / blog from this kind of malicious activity. Personally I believe that google is fully aware of this and offers a complete and easy solution to stop this non sense but people don’t listen usually and always I see lot of them to complaining and crying in forums and comments for what to do and how to do and that they got shot on head:)

You just need to follow these simple steps to get your adsense account in a secure aura.

I am talking about:

AdSense Access and Authorization feature.

In order to remain safe from above discussed tragedy, Google AdSense Access and Authorization feature is highly useful!

With AdSense Access and Authorization feature, you can specifically mention all Domain Names/URLs in AdSense Account Settings, which are allowed to show Advertisements from your AdSense Account/Publisher ID!


What are the Domains/URLs a Publisher should authorize using AdSense Access and Authorization Feature?


Following are the Domains which a Publisher should Authorize:

  • All Domains, which the Publisher wants to monetize by suitably placing appropriate AdSense JavaScript Code
  • Specific URLs of Third Party Websites where you want your Advertisements to be displayed.
  • All Country Specific Domains of Google like google.co.in, google.co.uk etc.* (Complete List here) – Depending on the location of your Website visitors
  • translate.googleusercontent.com
  • webcache.googleusercontent.com*
  • Domains/Sub-Domains of Major Search Engines like bing.com, search.yahoo.com*

* Services/Websites like Google Translate, Cached Page of your Website by Google etc. shows content from your Website to visitors by using a different Domain Name. Not allowing such white listed sites may affect your revenue, as AdSense may block Ad Serving on all such domains, as you haven’t authorized them using Google AdSense Access and Authorization feature.

Whenever a domain, not in your Authorized List, shows content from your Website, AdSense will give you following Alert as soon as you login to your AdSense Account:

Your ads have recently appeared on websites you haven’t authorized. To avoid lost revenue, make sure to authorize any sites where you display ads by visiting your account settings

All you need is to go to Account Settings >> suitably analyze the domains >> add all the white listed domains to your Authorized List >> It’s all done

No doubt, AdSense Access and Authorization Feature is highly useful for Bloggers/Webmasters around the World, as a Webmaster can now control all the domains which are allowed to show Advertisements from his/her AdSense Account/Publisher ID. This can be a cure for click bomb phenomena but definitely you need to be careful and responsible for your account monitoring. If you still feel any suspicious activity you can just remove your own domain name from access and authorization list to stop serving ads for sometime while you are investigating the activity as this is a good practice rather than hiding your ads from adsense account every time.  

Hope this will help you a lot.


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